When a Tights Fetichist See a Sexy Coach Life – Mistress Julia

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You’ve had a fetish for tights for years… As soon as you see a pair of tights, you literally melt your eyes on those shapely legs. You’ve never dared tell anyone about them. You decide to go and see a coach life to try and tackle the problem with her. Before the appointment, the Coach life asks you a little bit about yourself to find out what’s going on… Then comes the day of the appointment. The coach life opens the door, welcomes you in beautiful tights, perched on high heels at your first appointment… She asks you, innocently, why you’ve come to see her. Embarrassed, you stammer, at a loss for words when you see those magnificent legs shapely in that black veil… What if she had immediately understood the reason that brought you to her practice? What if this coach life had a very original solution to present to you in the face of this desire that transcends your mind at every moment? Themes : Tights fetish, Legjobs, Thighjobs, Footjobs


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